Ukrainian Grain Starts Shipping Through Danube Rivermouth

River Danube
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Despite Black Sea ports blockade by Russia, Ukraine gave foreign markets hope when ships passed through the mouth of the Danube river. to increase grain export.

“In the last four days, 16 ships have passed through the Bystre rivermouth,” Deputy Infrastructure Minister Yuriy Vaskov was quoted as saying in a ministry statement. “We plan to maintain this pace.”

Furthermore, 16 vessels were now waiting to be loaded with Ukrainian grain for export to foreign markets, and then more than 90 more vessels were awaiting their turn in the Sulina canal of Romania, the ministry said.

Four ships can only be received in a day along the Sulina route. A rate of eight in a day was actually needed. Ukraine negotiated with Romanian colleagues and European Commission representatives to increase the rate of crossing, Yuriy Vaskov added.

Ukraine expected the ship congestion would end within a week, if such conditions were met, and monthly grain exports would increase by 500,000 tonnes.

Sea ports accounted for about 80 percent of Ukraine’s export of agricultural products, prior to Russia’s invasion, but food exports are now restricted to Danube ports, railways and roadways to the west, the ministry said.