Liberty of the Seas Incident; Passenger Overboard

The cruise ship, the Liberty of the Seas
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In the early hours of April 4th, Thursday, at around 4 AM, an incident occurred on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas involving a young man going overboard. 

This took place as the cruise ship was making its way back to Port Everglades, following a four-day stay at Amber Cove cruise port in the Dominican Republic.

Reports suggest that the individual was under the influence of alcohol and leaped from one of the decks of the eighteen-story ship. An eyewitness, Bryan Sims, recounted that the young man had been reprimanded by his father for his intoxication before he made the decision to jump through a window.

Following the event, the crew of the Liberty of the Seas promptly initiated a search and rescue operation in collaboration with the US Coast Guard.

The search efforts are continuing near the vicinity of Cuba, with the US Coast Guard indicating that there have been no sightings of the young man thus far.