LPG/Ammonia Carrier Named by Astomos Energy & NYK

AI generated image of an LPG carrier
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The Japan-based shipping company NYK, in partnership with Astomos Energy Corporation, recently celebrated the naming ceremony for their newly constructed LPG/Ammonia carrier vessel.

Ownership of the ship is shared between NYK and Astomos Energy. The ceremony took place on March 1st at Kawasaki Heavy Industries' Sakaide Works. The vessel was christened Gas Garnet by Yoshito Takahashi, a Senior Executive Officer at Astomos Energy.

The dimensions of the vessel include a length of 229.9 meters and a width of 37.2 meters, with a total storage capability of 86,953 cubic meters. It features a dual-fuel engine that operates on both LPG and heavy fuel oil, though heavy fuel is minimally used primarily for igniting the LPG fuel.

Additionally, the ship is fitted with a shaft generator, which derives power from the connection between the main engine and the propeller. This innovative feature allows for the cessation of the diesel engine that typically powers the shaft generator, enabling the vessel to run entirely on LPG.

NYK highlights that switching to LPG fuel will substantially reduce the ship's emissions, cutting down SOx and CO2 emissions by 95% and 20% respectively.