May 10th Removal Date for Baltimore Bridge Container Ship

AI generated image of a container ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge
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Authorities anticipate that the Dali containership, currently lodged in Baltimore port, will be removed by May 10.

On March 26, the 9,962 TEU vessel collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge and has since been stuck in the Patapsco River's bed.

To date, crews have cleared 3,300 tons of debris from the river, and over 180 containers have been relocated from the ship's bow, which flies the Singapore flag.

Governor Wes Moore of Maryland described the situation at a recent press conference, stating, “We’re talking about a massive piece of steel, and on one end, the steel is leaning against a vessel that is the size of the Eiffel Tower. On the other end, it’s leaning against the bottom of the riverbed.”

Officials plan to open a 13.7-meter-wide channel by May 10 after the Dali is refloated, aiming to fully restore the port's main 15-meter channel by the end of the month.

The National Transportation Safety Board is expected to issue a preliminary report on the incident within the next week.

Data from Dali’s voyage recorder indicated that the ship experienced a power outage for just one minute and three seconds as it neared the bridge. In response, the lead pilot attempted to maneuver the 300-meter-long ship away from the bridge by dropping its port anchor to pivot the vessel.