New Saudi Arabia & Sudan Feeder Service By Folk Maritime

Vessels off the coast of Sudan at sunset
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Folk Maritime is set to launch a direct feeder service this April, creating a maritime link between Port Sudan and the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

The company, which is fresh on the scene, intends this initiative to improve accessibility to Port Sudan's feeder port and to increase the transshipment capabilities in the Red Sea region.

"As the gateway for 90% of Sudan’s international trade, Port Sudan will benefit from these direct shuttle services from Saudi Arabia’s first independent feeder and short sea shipping provider," Folk Maritime stated, alongside the announcement of their newly appointed Chief Operating Officer.

Operating on a bi-weekly basis, the new service will have a capacity of 700 TEUs. It aims to provide direct transshipment opportunities and broaden the accessibility to Port Sudan’s feeder port, particularly for regions that are typically beyond the reach of larger commercial ships.

"This new direct feeder service is set to significantly increase Port Sudan's link to the global trade network, bridging vital maritime hubs across the Red Sea. We're committed to fueling regional growth by providing efficient, direct maritime connections that cater to the dynamic needs of our customers," Poul Hestbaek, CEO of Folk Maritime stated.