Superyacht Crew & Passengers in Court for Alleged Arson

A forest fire at night
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On Sunday, June 23, thirteen individuals from a superyacht appeared in Piraeus Court following their arrest for allegedly sparking a wildfire in the forest on Hydra, a Greek island. The blaze was reportedly ignited by fireworks launched from the yacht.

The incident began on Friday night when a significant forest fire erupted on Hydra, scorching approximately 3,000 acres of pine forest. Greece's Climate Minister reported that six aircraft and two firefighting teams were deployed to combat the flames.

Prosecutors in Piraeus claim that the fire started due to fireworks set off from the deck of the superyacht Persefoni I. A local news source indicated that the captain of a nearby vessel witnessed the fireworks display.

As a result, the passengers of Persefoni I were detained in Piraeus on Sunday. Local media noted that all thirteen passengers were from Kazakhstan. They were given 48 hours to prepare their defense, and the prosecutor requested that they reappear in court the following week.

If found guilty, the passengers could face up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 for causing the fire and damaging Greece's environment.