Bulk Carrier Damaged in Missile Attack Off Yemen Coastline

AI generated image of a bulk carrier damaged by a missile
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According to Reuters, maritime security and shipping sources reported that on May 28, a bulk carrier, Laax, was targeted by three missiles off the coast of Yemen, approximately 54 nautical miles southwest of the port city of Hodeidah. 

The vessel issued a distress call after its cargo hold was damaged, causing it to take on water.

The Laax, a bulk carrier flying the flag of the Marshall Islands, had departed from Paranagua on April 19th.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Organisation also reported an attack on a vessel 31 nautical miles southwest of Al Hudaydah, Yemen. 

The vessel's captain confirmed that the ship sustained damage from an impact in the water nearby. Despite the damage, the vessel continued its voyage, and no casualties were reported.

Since November 2023, Iran-backed Houthis have been launching missile attacks on merchant vessels in the Red Sea in solidarity with Palestinians involved in the Israel-Gaza conflict. The Houthis have extended their attacks beyond the Red Sea, targeting vessels in the Indian Ocean as well.