Cruise Saudi & Jeddah Historic District Program Sign MoU

The minaret of a mosque at sunset
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Cruise Saudi and the Jeddah Historic District Program (JHD), under the auspices of the Saudi Ministry of Culture, have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to manage the growing influx of international visitors to the historic district.

The press release notes that the MoU aims to preserve the cultural identity and historical landmarks of the area while boosting local economic development. This partnership will promote local entrepreneurship and investment, aiming to enhance job opportunities and foster sustainable economic activities that benefit the community as a whole.

Abdulaziz bin Ibrahim Al-Issa, director general of Jeddah Historic District Program, commented, “The tourism sector is experiencing growth and prosperity, which contributes to enhancing the Kingdom’s presence on the global tourism map in line with Saudi Vision 2030. Our strategic partnership with Cruise Saudi is not only to drive economic growth but also to actively engage in the regeneration of the district. We are committed to protecting both the tangible and intangible heritage that earned the district its UNESCO status, recognizing its profound cultural impact. This partnership is pivotal in the strategic regeneration and sustainability of the district. With this alliance, we are dedicated to presenting Cruise Saudi tourists with an experience that inspires the visitors with the district’s enriched heritage.”

Lars Clasen, CEO of Cruise Saudi, stated, “Jeddah’s Historic District is one of our most popular Shorex destinations, and we continue to witness just how much international passengers enjoy exploring its unique historic sites through the tours and experiences we offer. This MoU represents our shared vision and marks an exciting new chapter, paving the way for collaborative efforts to draw even more visitors to this enchanting destination while protecting its heritage and authenticity.”